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We advise innovative businesses on m&a, capital structuring and institutional capital raising

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialise in executing M&A sell-side and buy-side mandates that require specific sector expertise in financial institutions, fintech, blockchain-enabled businesses, or niche growth businesses

Capital Raising

We assist firms in our sectors of expertise with institutional capital raising, including both equity and debt, directly or via syndication

Capital Structuring

Our team has specialist expertise in complex capital structuring, involving regulatory capital, LBO structures, complex JVs and more

Specialist focus

Financial institutions & Fintech

Our team has a combined 40 years of experience in FIG M&A and capital markets advisory, with a combined deal track records of USD 100bn+

Blockchain or DLT-driven firms

We have specific expertise in understanding the value, growth dynamics and complexities of businesses that either power their business models through distributed ledger technology, or carry digital assets on their balance sheets

Niche Growth

We enjoy working with and getting into the intricacies of businesses that operate unique models in new, frontier sectors

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Case studies


Fuse Capital is a Cayman and Brazil-based venture capital firm investing in both the equity and ...


QBTC is the first digital asset-based fund to be listed in the MENA region the first fund of ...


Steemit, Inc. developed Steem, one of the most active public blockchain by developer activity ...

Tokenised securities

We believe certain businesses are well suited to explore tokenization, such as those that have historically been associated with illiquid assets or balance sheets, or funds that look to provide liquidity to their LPs.

We seek to support those businesses in ensuring that they undertake tokenization for the right reasons, and through the best possible route.

We can advise businesses on their capital structuring, and on their readiness to tokenise, with a view to list on regulated venues.

We cannot assist businesses with capital raising in security token form but can refer clients who wish to do so to FCA regulated partners, that are also Registered Cryptoasset Firms.

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